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Cupping Set (20cups a set)

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* Cupping therapy, cups are placed on the skin with suction, which is believed to influence the flow of body energy and blood flow in the body. Cupping has a long history of usage in acupuncture practice and it has been combined with bloodletting. Cupping therapy has been regarded as an effective way to stimulate blood circulation and resolve blood clogging.
* Simple and easy to use at home by anyone.
* Self-operation with extension-tube included.
* Recommended to use laying down straightly. Not recommended to use for a long time.
(Use for 20 sec.~ 30sec. is preferable)
* Sucking weakly at the begining and strongly step by step.
* Using once a day for a month is recommended. After that, using frequency can be adjusted.
* A person who has the disease of bleeding is not recommended to use.


Key Features
1. Exchangeable hygienic knob !
Detachable knob to wash the foreign substances easily. Available to use the cup semi-permanently by exchanging the knob simply.

2.Pressure-adjustable knob !
Please slightly press the knob when you feel pain.

3.Curved cup designed according to the human body line(curve) !
It is designed to be conveniently used on curved region of body like elbow, knee, neck, ankle, etc.

4.Materials made in Korea !
Impact resistance
Heat resistance (It can be sterilized with boiling water)
Weather resistance

5.Solid suction pump with the structure of double ring !
Strong suction power by double ring system (suction packing and piston ring).

6.Sensuous and ergonomic design !
Product Specifications
* Material : PC(Impact-proof, Heatproof, Available to sterilize with hot boiling water or ancohol)
* Contents of set : 20cups(Round cup, Triangle cup, Curved cup, Half-curved cup, Oval-curved cup), suction pump(1), connecting tube(1), Carrying case(1)


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Cupping Set _20cups a set_

Cupping Set _20cups a set_