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Cupping Set (30cups a set)

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Vacuum PC material cupping set with pump, massage tools, and extension tube


Product Specifications
* Material : PC(Impact-proof, Heatproof, Available to sterilize with hot water), PS(Cautious about impact,heat, and hot water)
* Contents : 30 cups(including 2 massage cups : Big (Ø74mm) + Small (Ø61mm) and 2 oval cups : Big (Ø43.5 x 61.5mm) + Small (Ø33.5 x 51.5mm)), vaccum pump(1), massage tool(10), connecting hose(1), Carrying Case : 1EA (Luxurious carrying bag)
* Packing : 5sets/carton box
* Measurement(carton box) : 36×47×48cm
* Weight (packed by carton) : 14kg


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Cupping Set _30cups a set_