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Jumbo Vacuum Massage Cupping Set

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Product Description
Usable for both man and woman !
Easy and Convenient to use at home !
Usable at the professional massage shop !
Usable at oriental therapy clinic !
Product Features
1. Available to improve the blood circulation by using the negative pressure.
2. Applied of USA Dow Corning medical silicone which is harmless for human.
3. Applied of silicone ring cover to reduce the pain in use of cupping.
4. Large sized cups for wide region of human body.
5. Available to use aroma oil for better massage effect.
[Product Components]
1. Large vacuum massage cups (2EA) : (Dia. 125 x 113mm, PC)
2. Small vacuum massage cups(2EA): (Dia.95 x 115mm, PC)
3. Silicone Ring Cover for Large Cup (2EA)
4. Silicone Ring Cover for Small Cup (2EA)
5. 1pc of Air Suction Compressor (Optional):(200 x 97mm)


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Jumbo Vacuum Massage Cupping Set